Crowned Elite Athletics Founder & Owner

Youth 1 Head Coach / Junior 2 Head Coach / Senior 4 CoEd Coach

As a cheerleading expert, Shazi believes that hard work always pays off, and everyone has the ability to become an “Elite” athlete. Shazi is not simply determined to teach the art of cheerleading, but also respect for teammates, competing gyms, and the global community.  She feels that cheerleading is more than just a sport!  It creates long-lasting friendships, and teaches kids valuable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship.  Being a part of Crowned Elite Athletics is more than simply joining a team; it is the building of a family.  

  • USASF Levels 1-5 Certified
  • Jr Olympian Gymnast
  • 3 time NCA All American Cheerleader
  • 5 Year NCA Head Instructor
  • GSU Head Cheerleader
  • National Championship Choreographer