Classes @ CEA

Crowned Elite Athletics is proud to offer a wide variety of classes including tumbling, cheerleading, stunting, private, and All-Stars classes at our gym in Savannah, GA.

Tumbling is a huge aspect of cheerleading, especially at the competitive level (High/Middle School & All-Star). Tumbling is also a great way to get started with competitive, game day and other types of cheerleading. Tumbling classes also a great way to build self confidence, body control, and physical fitness.  We offer a variety of classes for children age 4 and up, ranging from very basic to advanced levels.

Work with our amazing staff of former all star and collegiate cheerleaders, along with several gymnastic coaches, to learn the skills necessary to progress to the next level!  All of our tumbling coaches are USASF Certified Levels 1-5. 

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Little Cheer is designed for children ages 3-6. This class will develop coordination and body control. It will also focus on the fundamentals of tumbling including cartwheels, front rolls, backbends, backbend kick overs, and more. This class is a great way for younger individuals to get started in cheerleading.  


 This will improve your form in more advanced tumbling as well as flexibility. You should take This class if you have never tumbled before, or are still a beginner.  This level teaches forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, bridge kick overs and front walk overs.  We have this class for ALL ages.    


Intermediate tumbling starts to focus on the next skill progressions up from beginner Tumbling. You should take intermediate Tumbling if you have been in a tumbling class before, and can do all the skills listed in Beginner Tumbling. This class will start from bridge kickovers, perfect walkovers, start back handsprings, and start linking together round off back handsprings.  


Advanced Tumbling focuses on advanced tumbling and linking skills together for strong tumbling passes.  You should take Advanced Tumbling if you can do all the skills in Beginner & Intermediate Tumbling. You also need to perform a back handspring and a round off back handspring with no spot at all.  This class will begin with multiple back handsprings, teaching back tucks, layouts & fills.  combination passes.


Athletes will have Coach Michelle in this class who will be assisting the athletes in proper Flexibility techniques and body positions for flyers such as heel stretches, scorpions, and bow & arrows. All star flyers only. 


The Ninja Warrior Kids program is created to give kids a fun approach to fitness as they work on strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem solving, and coordination as they overcome obstacles designed for their skill levels.

OPEN GYM - $10 per athlete

Come out to our gym on Friday nights for a chance to work on your skills in a structured and safe setting with your friends.  You will have fun, enhance your skills, and bond with your cheer family. Open night hours: 6-8 PM


SAM Spotting System - $40 per half hour

Work with one of our coaches to improve your body awareness during tumbling sequences.  This is the latest piece of technology to improve your cheer techniques!

Privates - $45 per half hour (Group discounts available)

Work with our coaches to improve your skills!  We offer one on one and small group (2-4) sessions.  Want to make the next level, let us design customized curriculum to help you achieve your goals.

High School Tumbling Classes - $200 per class per team

Is your high school team in need of enhanced tumbling skills?  Bring your entire team, or a group of your choosing, to our facility to learn the skills necessary to win championships!

Collegiate Cheer Ready? - $70 per hour (Group discounts available)

Let our former collegiate cheer staff help you reach the collegiate level.  They know what it takes because they did it themselves!  This is a one on one or small group session.  We will also set up private sessions with the many collegiate coaches we have established relationships with.  We will do our best to groom you into the perfect collegiate cheerleader!!

Cheerleading Fitness Classes - $15-20 per class (Minimum of 5 participants)

Cheerleading is a very physically demanding sport and cheerleaders must be in excellent shape to perform all of the necessary skills. Different fitness activities that help improve overall strength and endurance can be incorporated into practice or they can be performed in a class format.  While our cheerleaders will be challenged during their team practices, we will be offering private and group fitness sessions that will be geared towards making our cheerleaders the fittest in the industry!


If you are interested in one of these specialized classes please contact us today.